About Me

Gavin Jeff

I have always been fascinated by all types of dogs and sought to interact with them, and their owners whenever I met them.

I started studying various books about dogs and different training methods which encouraged me to take a more active interest. I became a volunteer at a number of local rescue centres which provided exposure to a really wide cross section of breeds, some of course with difficult behavioural problems. The inevitable happened we rescued a dog ourselves – an adorable  Parsons Terrier called ‘Polo’.

This only deepened my desire to get to know even more about dogs and to have a positive impact on their and their owners’ lives. I started working with a trainer who had extensive experience of training police dogs and then joined a local dog training school. These different experiences helped me understand better the need for dogs to socialize whilst learning basic obedience. Being involved with a number of different agility classes I understood how the bond and communication between dog and owner could continue to improve.

I continued to study dog training methods, dominance theories and body language and attended seminars and lectures run by Dr Ian Dunbar (In 1993, Dr. Dunbar founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) APDT in the United States) and Cesar Milan.

As well as structured class tuition at puppy, intermediate and advanced level I undertake 1-2-1 sessions helping owners gain and improve their dog’s focus and attention, teaching heel work, the leave command and reliable recall and down.

I believe owning a dog can be a wonderful enriching experience for both the dog and its owner although  I am passionate about owners taking responsibility for their dog’s behaviour and development.


Remember you can’t expect a dog to be calm if you’re not. Let me help you and your dog.

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