Puppy Courses

Puppy Training classes are an excellent way to socialize your puppy in a controlled environment. This course will show you how to teach your puppy the basic commands like sit, down, stay, leave, walking on a lead, recall and handling. Advice can be given on house training, jumping up etc. Your puppy may attend puppy courses as soon as it is fully vaccinated. This is a 6 week course which runs in Worcester at 4.30pm on Saturday evenings.

Intermediate Courses

This class is designed to progress the basic training that was given in the puppy class and to add useful exercises to help keep your dog safe like emergency downs and recall from distractions, Your bond with each other will grow as you both work through the exercises This class will stimulate your dog mentally while you continue to learn how to read and communicate effectively with your dog. This 6 week course runs on Saturday at 6:30pm


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